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Nov 10 2008, 15:11
How can i add team status dialog to warfare ? i askes Dr eyeball but he said that i must ask in the warfare section

http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....75;st=0 (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=71;t=60075;st=0)

Nov 11 2008, 21:41
anybody knows how to add this to warfare ?
when i add this confirm the readme i just see the groups on the map, but the action menu does not appear .

Nov 12 2008, 04:47
Just to clarify the question for others. I think what you want to be asking is the generic requirement:
Q: "How do you add an action to players and vehicles in Warfare correctly?"

Since I'm not familiar with the Warfare setup, I suggested to Boshart via PM to find a modified Warfare mission that already adds custom actions and copy that format. Any suggestions?
Is "Client\Client_UpdateActions.sqs" the place to put it?

Extract from PM:

Warfare appears to use a dynamic addAction technique which transfers actions to your vehicle upon boarding and back to you upon exiting. See "Client\Client_UpdateActions.sqs"

Also, you need to cater for re-adding the action after dying, which warfare probably does automatically via it's system.

Good luck with it.

<span style='color:blue'>Edit:</span>
The mission WW2WARFARE V1.0 (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=67;t=76249) already implements this same functionality, which you can copy.

Add to Client_PlayerRespawn.sqf:
_Action = player addAction ["Team Status",    "Scripts&#92;TeamStatusDialog&#92;TeamStatusDialog.sqf",    ["HideOpposition"], 0, false, true, "" ];

Nov 13 2008, 16:54
tnks Dr_Eyeball for clarify the question.

I can remember there was an warfare with squad dialogue but i cant remember which one.

And i tried to put it in "Client&#92;Client_UpdateActions.sqs" but it didn`t work.

Nov 13 2008, 22:31
i just put mando bombs in warfare mission ..and that worked ,and it has an action menu

i used this code (code is form colligpip) , and put it in the InitMission file

Quote[/b] ][] spawn
private["_acidx1", "_acidx2", "_unit", "_veh"];
_acidx1 = -1;
_acidx2 = -1;
while {true} do
   waitUntil {("Laserdesignator" in weapons player) && (alive player)};
   _acidx1 = player addAction ["Console: Air support", "mando_bombs&#92;mando_airsupportdlg.sqf"];
   while {("Laserdesignator" in weapons player) && (alive player)} do
      _unit = player;
      if (vehicle _unit &#33;= _unit) then
         _veh = vehicle _unit;
         _acidx2 = vehicle _unit addAction ["Console: Air support", "mando_bombs&#92;mando_airsupportdlg.sqf"];
         waitUntil {(vehicle _unit == _unit) &#124;&#124; (&#33;alive _unit)};
         _veh removeAction _acidx2;
      Sleep 1;
   _unit removeAction _acidx1;

i tried this code for team status dialog :

Quote[/b] ]_Action = player addAction ["Team Status", "Scripts&#92;TeamStatusDialog&#92;TeamStatusDialog.sqf", ["Page", "Team"] ];

But that didn`t work out , so maby the code is wrong