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Jun 29 2008, 10:55
For quick editing, there are a few things I'd like to know in order to ensure the ability to quickly load into the mission, test something, then hop out of it.

Answered 1. How can I remove the intro scenes?
Answered 2. How can I slow the commander vote time to 5 seconds?
Not Answered 3. How can I not have a random respawn, but instead start the mission exactly where I want?

Answered Unrelated question:
When editing the configs and such for the map, sometimes I find that I ether:

A. Cannot have the wordpad(s) open while the mission is running (even if the wordpad is saved).
B. Cannot preview the mission, go into the editor, edit a config, save it, go back into the mission and preview it.
C. I usually have to exit the config wordpads, turn the entire game off, and reload the mission in order for the new wordpad changes to take effect.

Now what can and what can't be changed in the config's while Arma is open in order to ensure the changes take effect when previewing the mission?

Jun 29 2008, 17:20
When the mission is loaded in the editor, you should be free to change any file except mission.sqm.

To remove the splash screen, edit Init.sqs and put a // in front of the only line there. When you want it back, remove the //.

To change the commander vote time, I believe that's in Common/Init/Init_CommonConstants.sqs. Search for the string "vote" and it should take you to the line.

Jun 30 2008, 04:26
When I access the file and find the vote area:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">messageType = messageType + &#91;&#34;VoteForCommander&#34;&#93;
messageText = messageText + &#91;Localize &#34;STRWFVOTEFORCOMMANDERINPROGRESS&#34;&#93;[/QUOTE]

I&#39;m searching all these init files for something of that effect and cannot find anything that gives me the time allowed for voting to take place. I&#39;ll keep looking but if anyone finds it before I do, lemme know http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/smile_o.gif

Jun 30 2008, 06:13
the vote time is in the InitMission.sqf. open with notepad, click edit find votetime.

Jun 30 2008, 09:51
Ahh, I was looking in the common >> init files area.

The only question remaining: How can I start the mission at the place of my choosing and still have access to purchase units etc? (Example: I want to start the preview near the airport so I can quickly test units built from there.)

Jun 30 2008, 15:40
Open the mission in the editor and memorize the starting place number of the starting place (blue marker) near the airport. Then go into mission.sqm and comment out every single starting place object except for the one you memorized and another one for the other team. Now you have a 50% probability of starting where you want to start. That&#39;s my quick solution, there may be a better way, but I&#39;m not sure.

Jun 30 2008, 16:20
Guess I&#39;ll just stick to creating a fast base and flying over there at x4.000 time.

{9thInf}Winchester Delta1
Jul 1 2008, 19:38
Just put a new unit near the things you wanne check and make it player.. So you will start there when you go preview it.. Than you won&#39;t respawn with the MHQ..

And if you wanne make a quick base just decrease the prices of the factory&#39;s for testing purposes...

Go to you&#39;r edited warfare folder than go to the folder COMMON and than go to the folder CONFIG.

Open the file CONFIG_STRUCTURES.. and edit the prices at the _c = _c command line.

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_v = _v + &#91;&#34;Heavy&#34;&#93;
_n = _n + &#91;&#34;WarfareBWestHeavyFactory&#34;&#93;
_ng = _ng + &#91;&#34;WarfareBWestHeavyFactoryGreen&#34;&#93;
_nr = _nr + &#91;&#34;WarfareBWestHeavyFactoryRed&#34;&#93;
_d = _d + &#91;Localize &#34;STRWFBHEAVYFACTORY&#34;&#93;
_c = _c + &#91;1200&#93;
_t = _t + &#91;50&#93;
_i = _i + &#91;&#34;&#92;Warfare&#92;Images&#92;con_heavy.paa&#34;&#93;
_p = _p + &#91;10&#93;
_s = _s + &#91;&#34;MediumSite&#34;&#93;
_a = _a + &#91;&#34;Client&#92;Action&#92;Action_HeavyFactory.sqs&#34;&#93;
_dis = _dis + &#91;0&#93;
_dir = _dir + &#91;0&#93;
_h = _h + &#91;4&#93;

there is a more eassy way that you just give yourself a huge amount of money so you on&#39;t have to edit the factory&#39;s and units itself and can buy evrything from the start.
But i couden&#39;t find the script where that is executed yet..

Jul 1 2008, 20:55
I knew about all the price changes and everything. Hence why I didn&#39;t ask about it http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/wink_o.gif

But as for just "plopping a new unit down" on the map, I have no option(s) to access the aircraft factories in ether Pita or the Airport if I do it that way.