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Aug 3 2007, 14:58
Hello everyone,

Texas ...TeamPlayers... went live with our arma server just over a month ago, and enjoy the game immensely.

As we do with most of our games, we searched for a topsite/website ranking site to register with for Arma, but didn't find any.

We already created a topsite for BF2142 (www.2142topsites.com).  Based on the aardvark topsites, ranks are ONLY based on unique pageviews, and NOT on spammed votes and clicks.  Thus, only real sites with real traffic get ranked.

Since one for arma didn't exist, we made one.  www.armatopsites.com .  Topsites help network all the major clans and communities together, so that we know who's still around, who's still popular, who's still playing, and who still supports ArmA.

Please, give it a check.  It went live a few weeks ago, and is ready for public consumption.  If you sign up, remember, you have to add an html button/icon to your website (preferably in a high traffic area like your forum credits or homepage) so that the rank site can track your website's pageviews (pretty standard system).

Button looks like (smaller of course)
http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5492/armatsap5.png (http://www.armatopsites.com)
you can see it in action on my community's site www.texasteamplayers.com (bottom right block)

And remember.......clicks/votes/spamming is NOT required, and doesn't make ranks.  We keep the site regulated, remove ALL cheaters and irrelevant sites, almost daily.  Check 2142topsites.com or instopsites.com (which we also run), and see.

We'll keep it live as long as people use it.  So we hope every major arma clan and community signs up.


...bigdog... of Texas ...TeamPlayers... and ArmaTopsites.com

Aug 3 2007, 15:03
Sounds good. Will try to arrange www.ofpec.com having the banner up.

Aug 3 2007, 17:31
signups easy.....just put in your site's name, links, description. You can always log in later, and get your "link code".

most people put them in side blocks, or in credits at the bottom of the page. Something out of the way, but something that still gets seen on most pages.

Aug 4 2007, 20:15
Great idea!
Added us to the list

Aug 7 2007, 03:46
saw that you signed up. Thanks.

Be sure to tell other clans you are friendly with. the ranks don't mean much if only 5 people sites are active.

come on everyone......registration takes 5 seconds. Adding the icon to your page is as simple as making a php block, and popping in the link code automatically provided.

easy stuff.

Aug 7 2007, 13:04
That was really needed. Thanks bigdog, Hellenic Warfare Mod (HWM) already signed. http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/wink_o.gif

Aug 7 2007, 19:24
rock on. 8 sites signed up now.

Remember, you have to put your "link code" or button code onto your webpages for your site to record hits and get rank points.

You get your link code from the topsite's user control panel.

OFPEC, HWM, IC-ARMA.......quality stuff. Good do get us all on the same "page".

Aug 8 2007, 09:25

I suggest you read the rules for the Sqds and fanpages.

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