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Apr 10 2007, 09:02
The most decorated team in OFP is back to reign supreme in Armed Assault and we are looking for the best of the best.  We have a lot of fun in our clan because of a great group of guys that ages range from 18 to 45 but I will let you know now that we don’t play for fun we play to win!

We planning on joining the main leagues so if big games and winning is your cup of tea the Dragon Knights is your kind of team.  We have been active since July of 2001 so if you were wondering this is not a newbie squad and we know what we are doing.

We are a true international squad with members hailing from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  So one of are requirements is that you speak clear English and can understand it as well because in this large scale game communication is a key to our success.   We use Teamspeak 2 (http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=downloads) as our means of communication and we require that all players have a decent sound card and a headset with a microphone that works well.

We play large scale games that could have up to 20 v 20 players and have a great UK base dedicated server that can handle that kind of numbers.  So we also ask that you have a PC that can handle the requirements of Armed Assault, large scale battles, and that you have a good internet connection. (no 56k or ISDN players will be excepted)

We are looking for serious active gamers that are skilled at the game so if you aren’t skilled in the game no hard feelings like I said before we play to win.  Being active is key so if you only play twice a week this is not the squad for you.

A former squad player is always a plus but not required so if it’s your first time to be in a squad and have another questions please feel free to contact me.

If you are currently in a squad and want to keep your try out on the down low please feel free to contact me.

LTG BigRed #DK#
ICQ# 415002678
Email: rrosser9@<hidden>
Visit our forums at www.dragon-knights.info (http://www.dragon-knights.info)
Or feel free to Private message me.


May 22 2008, 05:42
Well I know we aren&#39;t suppose to reply to our own threads I hope this is allow this once since we left the ArmA scene and now we are back since the new patch.

We are looking for some PvP Vets to come a board to compete in the leagues.