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Jan 23 2006, 07:02
Is it possible to create some sort of casualty report after the battle? Some script which counts casualties from west and east side during the mission, and then shows the results...?

Jan 23 2006, 09:58
First you need an array of the units you want to count, something like:
eastsoldiers = units officer1 + units officer2 + units officer3 + [agentX] + [guba]

Then before the mission ends, count and store the result in a global variable:
ceast = {!alive _x} count eastsoldiers

Display a hint, radio message or titletext with the result:
hint format ["Casaulties East: %1",ceast]

Wait a moment and end the mission.

General Barron
Jan 23 2006, 21:01
Squad kill count script, by Kammak: