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Oct 25 2005, 11:27
Can someone tell how to make an Ai unit/player leave its present group (who is not the leader) and become the leader of another group, once some trigger or waypoint is achieved. http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/huh.gif

Oct 25 2005, 19:28
I've never done this before but here are a couple links that may help you.

There is a script on this page called 'Become leader' by THobson : http://www.ofpec.com/editors....chopts= (http://www.ofpec.com/editors/browse.php?browseon=&browsewhat=2&category=2&subcategory=2_-1&numreturn=25&displayformat=0&ofpv=1&searchstring=leader&searchwhat=1&searchlevel=0&searchopts=)

& this is just from the comref...it tells how to remove unit from group: http://www.ofpec.com/editors/comref.php?letter=J

Hope this helps.