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Oct 20 2001, 23:09
I know this isn't a post that should go here, but it is the forum where all the BI Staff check the most...I played a Deathmatch map with my friend Backoff and after about 20 minutes the bodies around the small town began to pile up..

We need a way to set the maximum number of deadbodies in a game, be it through a description.ext or through a server cfg setting. I was running a P3 700 so it wasn't that my machine was too slow, I would just like the option to set the body count to 100 or instant

eg. instant means there are no bodies left behind and 100 means the last 100 bodies killed....an eg of the command line would be...

hidebody = instant
hidebody = 100

Just an Idea,

Oct 22 2001, 02:28
I can't believe no-one has replied to this, I think this is a HUGE issue, that could be easily fixed

Oct 22 2001, 04:41
Quite a few small items liek this could improve multiplay...for example, if you set up satchelk charges and then die, they remain in place...even though they are useless...the enigne obviously still needs to keep track of these in game items, but they will never be used...Im sure some tweaking in these areas would provide a bit of a boost in the multiplay arena.