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Jun 17 2004, 20:53
Ok, here are about three problems that I am having with flashpoint. Let's start with the easy one. Whenever I use the Strela AA launcher, an error message comes up saying that the strela image cannot be found. That's the easy one, and not too irritating, as I hardly ever use the strela launcher anyway. My two main problems are as follows. First, I tried the other day to upgrade from version 1.85 to version 1.91. I downloaded the file (only to find later that it was on disk 3 of the GOTY edition anyway http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/crazy_o.gif ). But when I try to install, I get tons of messages saying that files cannot be found. It will not install, but prompts me to reinstall the game. I so did that. Still no go. The files are still missing. They seem to be mostly MP files, which I never use anyway. The third error is the worst. Whenever I try and start up Flashpoint, it takes about 10 minutes to load up. First it sits forever on the small loadup screen, then it says something like "Please insert disk into drive D and start again" (BTW: The disk IS in drive D. I'm not that stupid!). So I start up again. The message comes up again. Then on the third try I can get it to load. All this takes time and is highly irritating. I don't know if the problem is with the drive D or with the software.

Jun 17 2004, 21:07
Illegal copy ?

Jun 17 2004, 21:23
I don't think it's a pirate copy, he said he had "Disc 3 of GOTY" so I'm not sure. Anyways, if it is a legal copy, could be several things wrong with it.

1) How long ago did you purchase the game?
2) Where did you purchase it?
3) Do you still have everything that came in the box, if recently purchased?
4) Have you previously had any issues with a different CD not working in your CD drive? If not, is it the same CD's always having trouble reading?

Depending on your answers, it might be possible to exchange the game with a new copy from your place of purchase. If that is done and you still have issues, then it's not the game. If it fixes it, then it was a damaged CD. And most stores will accept a refund on software within 30-90 days as long as it's for the same title. You'll have to check with the POP though.

Jun 17 2004, 22:12
What kind of files can't be found? Are they game files, or system files?

Jun 18 2004, 06:48
Quote[/b] ]Illegal copy ?

No. It came wrapped up from a dealer.

Quote[/b] ]1) How long ago did you purchase the game?

Oh, about three months or so ago.

Quote[/b] ]2) Where did you purchase it?

Off a dealer on Ebay. Tunza Games Australia

Quote[/b] ]3) Do you still have everything that came in the box, if recently purchased?


Quote[/b] ]4) Have you previously had any issues with a different CD not working in your CD drive? If not, is it the same CD's always having trouble reading?

Yes, the CD drive is really bad. I have to get it fixed in town one day. I have trouble with lots of Cds.

Quote[/b] ]What kind of files can't be found?  Are they game files, or system files?

A list of the error message can be found below.

Quote[/b] ]
Verifying Operation Flashpoint, version 1.85...
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\stringtable.csv is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\description.ext is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scoreeast5.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scorewest3.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.czech.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scoreeast3.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scorewest1.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scoreeast1.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scorewest4.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\sectorcontrol.paa is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scoreeast4.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scorewest2.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\overview.czech.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\mission.sqm is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\briefing.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\outro.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scoreeast2.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro\scorewest5.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\sound\ucapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\sound\uscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\sound\rscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\sound\rcapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\stringtable.csv is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\description.ext is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\overview.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\overview.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\overview.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\briefing.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\capture.paa is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\briefing.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\overview.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\briefing.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\overview.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\briefing.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\init.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\mission.sqm is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\briefing.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel\outro.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\sound\ucapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\sound\uscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\sound\rscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\sound\rcapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\stringtable.csv is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\description.ext is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\overview.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\overview.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\overview.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\briefing.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\capture.paa is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\briefing.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\overview.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\briefing.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\overview.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\briefing.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\init.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\mission.sqm is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\briefing.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain\outro.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\sound\ucapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\sound\uscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\sound\rscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\sound\rcapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\stringtable.csv is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\description.ext is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\overview.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\overview.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\overview.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\briefing.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\capture.paa is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\briefing.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\overview.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\briefing.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\overview.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\briefing.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\init.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\mission.sqm is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\briefing.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN\outro.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\sound\ucapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\sound\uscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\sound\rscore.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\sound\rcapture.ogg is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\stringtable.csv is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\description.ext is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\overview.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\overview.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\overview.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\briefing.french.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\capture.paa is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\briefing.italian.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\overview.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\briefing.german.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\overview.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\briefing.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\init.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\mission.sqm is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\briefing.spanish.html is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro\outro.sqs is missing.
File Templates\2-8_T_CAPTURETHEFLAG.NOE.pbo is missing.
One or more files in game instalation are modified or dammaged.
Reinstall game from original CD disc and try again.

RN Malboeuf
Jun 18 2004, 06:55
most of us know that CDROMS can and will cause read/write errors on the install of OFP the od time (i've loaded ofp about 20 times and i would say 4 loads failed), its pretty random and usually borowing a buddies CD drive can solve the problem

we've tried to see if it was IDE cables, (40 wire/80 wire) or CDROM settings, all the way down to faulty memory or simply one of the ill tempered chipsets

just grab another CDROM

Jun 18 2004, 07:38
i think u got wrong version of patch. i get same error if i try for example update from 1.85 to 1.96
try to download another patch.

Jun 18 2004, 11:08
Since you are having issues with the CD drive, I would say that can cause problems such as you are having. I don't have GOTY version, I got mine back when it came out and have just patched up from there. But I would think that the GOTY version would only include the patches you need, and as long as you are following their installation steps in proper order (which I'm sure you are), it shuold have no problems.

I would agree that your best bet is to try and replace the CD drive. You can look in local PC shops and get a good price on one, they are very cheap for just a basic CD drive without the burning/dvd player stuff. This will also end the problems with other CD's as well.

If you do still have problems with installing the game after that, we can help you troubleshoot the problem further.