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Apr 14 2004, 03:29
Ok, I REALLY need some help. I can&#39;t play any MP games these days since I don&#39;t have the Steyr addon. I&#39;m not sure if it came with the game or what, but it always says that I&#39;m missing it&#33; Please help, can anyone send it to me, my e-mail is deathsai@<hidden>

Please help&#33; http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/sad_o.gif

Apr 14 2004, 03:39
What version of OFP are you running?

Apr 14 2004, 20:27
nvm, I went and found the .pbo in one ofmy old OFP addon folders that i used when installing my game to my new hard drive.

Apr 16 2004, 09:54
The Steyr AUG came with v1.30 (Red Hammer)