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Nov 1 2011, 16:33
Gotten up to the part where you have first videoed the whales, then it says fly around and see if you can spot any more.

Flown over to the wreck and it says that there are reports of more in your area. Flown all over the area (over the water at least) and it's not prompting me to do anything more.

Any one got any hints on how to progress this one. Thank you in advance.

Nov 1 2011, 16:37
Check you map mate (press M), there is a hint on the map, you cant miss it.

Nov 1 2011, 16:41
Thank you.

The tutorials are very good at how to fly a 'copter (in relation of the game anyway). Pretty much fail to give you an hints on how to play the game. Didn't even know I had a map =)

Nov 2 2011, 15:00
3 Parts to Film.
The second west of the Container Ship
TheThird North 8 Look on the Map

After this 3 steps and you are on the way back to Heliport see a Smoking Boat. Stop flying and Hover over it
So the Coast Guard will be informed about this,
than you can fly back to Heliport.

Sorry for my English, German User

Nov 2 2011, 15:08
Have take this Contrakt with this Steps:
First, follow the Boat

1. Film group1
2. Fly to the Cargo ship
3, Fly West and film group 2
4. Fly north and film group 3

When this step finish and you are on the way back to Heliport, see a smoking Boat right hand side. Stop your fly to Heliport and hover for some times over the boat.

After Message " Coast Guard will Informed about this " you can flight back to Heliport

Sorry for my English, German User

Nov 3 2011, 00:38
Thank you, I was stuck there as well!

Nov 3 2011, 15:01
Thank you for the tip, I was completely lost to find the others spots.
I will try this evening the M key :)

Nov 6 2011, 14:20
Is the whale mission random co-ords? I have tried the following:
1. Film group1
2. Fly to the Cargo ship
3, Fly West and film group 2
4. Fly north and film group 3

Cannot find the whales, been flying a total of hours and about to resign Take On Helicopters to my Steam archive, fed up of looking for bloody whales with no hints or help.

Nov 6 2011, 16:39
I'm having the same problem with this mission. I filmed the first group of whales, flew to the second marker and filmed that group, found the cargo ship, flew to the third marker and found nothing. The marker says the whales may have moved, so I flew the northern zone until my fuel light turned red, twice. I drove off the whale about to beach itself, and reported another beached whale, but still haven't found the ones I'm supposed to film.

I've noticed that you have to fly under 1000 ft or so for the objectives to trigger.

Nov 7 2011, 18:27
Fly under 300 feed, if there is no one, you must see the group 3 a little south behind the two boats. Fly slow ( 150 knt ) to enter the marker for the wales.

3Green, Sneagle

Nov 20 2011, 08:48
Same as Zaphoon - whales 1 and 2 filmed then looked north of wreck - found 2 whales but no indication of filming. After 15 minutes the Oil warning light comes on! And then the video camera screen (insert) goes blank...
Can I just go back to base? Wish I had floats on this helo!
Cheers - Dai.

Nov 21 2011, 10:30
Did you check your map (M) for a hint on where they may be cruising?

Jan 23 2012, 01:31
I am also stuck at this.
I have followed the boat. Then I found the whales and let Kelly make fancy pictures of those. After that I am told to look for more whales. I traveled to the marker and found them BUT, Kelly is not filming them. I flew around them from all angles. I flew low, I flew high. I flew directly above them, I kept some vertical distance to them, no avail. I am sure, that I am at the right koordinates, I can see the models of the whales in the water. Can't even scare them away, almost landed on one of them, but nothing happens. I do not see what to do here.


Jan 23 2012, 08:43
Did you try hovering near them (~150m distance / 50m altitude) so that they were on your right side and Kelly could see them? Try filming another group first perhaps (though the order does not matter).

Jan 23 2012, 16:45
Now I have figured it out...
I was hovering over the whales I had videotaped previously.

Thanks for the headsup. Simple case of 'user too stupid'