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May 7 2011, 03:37
Hi, I'm totally new to this aspect of MP but would like to understand how to operate this thing -if even just to set up a wise-ass welcome message :D

So my Arm2oaserver shortcut reads:

"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oaserver.exe" -config=server.cfg -MOD=@<hidden>;@<hidden>;@<hidden>;@<hidden>;@<hidden>

and in my Arma2 Folder I copied pasted the example config from Biki and named the text file server.cfg

// server.cfg
// comments are written with "//" in front of them.

hostname = "Fun and Test Server"; // The name of the server that shall be displayed in the public server list
password = ""; // Password for joining, eg connecting to the server
passwordAdmin = "xyz"; // Password to become server admin. When you're in Arma MP and connected to the server, type '#login xyz'
reportingIP = "armedass.master.gamespy.com"; // This is the default setting. If you change this, your server
//reportingIP = arma2pc.master.gamespy.com"; // In case of ArmA2 might not turn up in the public list. Leave empty for private servers
//reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; // For Operation Arrowhead
logFile = "server_console.log"; // Tells ArmA-server where the logfile should go and what it should be called

// WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day")
// It can be several lines, separated by comma
// Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval
motd[] = {
"", "", "",
"Welcome to the Testing",
"Server Settings: Veteran, Crosshair = off, 3rdPerson = off, MapInfo = off, VoN = off, CustomFiles = 200KByte, Voting = 33%, PersistentMaps = on",
"We are looking for fun - Join us Now !",
"You should use mumble, its better than",
"TS2 Server for recruits: mypage.org:8767"
motdInterval = 5; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message

checkfiles[] = {}; // Outdated.
maxPlayers = 30; // Maximum amount of players. Civilians and watchers, beholder, bystanders and so on also count as player.
kickDuplicate = 1; // Each ArmA version has its own ID. If kickDuplicate is set to 1, a player will be kicked when he joins a server where another player with the same ID is playing.
verifySignatures = 1; // Verifies the players files by checking them with the .bisign signatures. Works properly from 1.08 on
equalModRequired = 0; // Outdated. If set to 1, player has to use exactly the same -mod= startup parameter as the server.

voteMissionPlayers = 1; // Tells the server how many people must connect so that it displays the mission selection screen.
voteThreshold = 0.33; // 33% or more players need to vote for something, for example an admin or a new map, to become effective

disableVoN = 1; // If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available
vonCodecQuality = 0; // Quality from 1 to 10
persistent = 1; // If 1, missions still run on even after the last player disconnected.

onUserConnected = ""; // self-explaining
onUserDisconnected = "";
doubleIdDetected = "";
regularCheck = "";

// some ArmA specific stuff - signature verification
onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // unsigned data detected
onHackedData = "ban (_this select 0)"; // tampering of the signature detected
onDifferentData = ""; // data with a valid signature, but different version than the one present on server detected
BattlEye = 1; //Server to use BattlEye system

// MISSIONS CYCLE (see below)
class Missions {};


Mission rotation

One can set an automatic mission rotation. It will automatically select a mission join a player joins with no admin logged in. Once the mission is done and still players on the server, it automatically switches to the next in the cycle.



The following example shows one for the missions included with the demo.
class Missions
class MPCTF_01// name for the mission, can be anything
template = M02CaptureTheFlag.SaraLite;// omit the .pbo suffix
cadetMode = 1;// difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet
class MPCOOP_01
template = M01Cooperative.SaraLite;
cadetMode = 1;
class MPCTI_01
template = M03ConquerTheIsland.SaraLite;
cadetMode = 1;

I then run the server.exe and then Armaco -create new game but the config doesn't seem like it's operating :confused: I unslashed the Welcome Message and I still see nothing.

May 7 2011, 13:03
way too many threads and no one definitive one
the wiki is a bit patchy too with recent code changes expecially

i go for shameless self promotion

pretty much all that thread should help.

basicaly i think your not running the config you are editing

have fun working that out if Windaz7 also being used with steam.....

May 7 2011, 15:23
Quite confusing.

So I read the KellysHeroes tutorial and tried to copy it verbatim:

•"[drive]\[path to arma2]\ArmA2Server.exe" -port=2302 -name=default -config=default\server.cfg -cfg=default\Arma2.cfg -profiles=default

In the example above, the default.arma2profile will be located in: ...\ArmA2\default\users\default\default.arma2profile. You also need to place your "arma2.cfg" & "server.cfg" files into "...\ArmA2\default" folder as this folder is now defined as the folder where your cfg & profile files reside with those parameters.

If the profile path contains spaces, the parameter should be enclosed by quotation marks.
Upon launching, the server console will appear.

My Arma2oaserver.exe targetline now reads:

"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oaserver.exe" -port=2302 -name=default -config=default\server.cfg -cfg=default\Arma2.cfg -profiles=default

I have copied KH's exact server.cfg and place it as well as my arma2.cfg into a folder named "Default" in the Arma2 root....

...and when trying to launch the server.exe it fails at Battleye and therefore "Server creation failed".


If someone could be so kind as to bullet point: Do A-F and youll have a server config up and running - well I'd be indebted to you :)

May 7 2011, 15:25
thank you..