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Deen Brinkin
Sep 15 2010, 09:59
Hi All, I hope there is someone out there who still has a bit of patience and time for an idiot who doesnt know what he's doing!

Just bought arma2 from the shop( in Oz ). Installed well, played well.....for a few minutes. I was mucking around with the editor, then screen goes blank and a little sign comes up, "NO SIGNAL DETECTED". had a look thru the forums for advice but couldnt put my finger on the right approach to take. Have downloaded patch 1.00 to 1.07, but the same thing happens. I have to restart my pc every time this happens.

Vista home premium sp2 64bit
Intel core2 duo cpu e7400 2.80ghz
2gb ram
galaxy 9600gt 512mg graphic card

If you can help, please do. The game does look cool. But i cant play it!!:o

Deen Brinkin.

Sep 15 2010, 11:59
Sounds more like a problem with your graphics card. Perhaps overheating, maybe.

1. try updating your graphics drviers:

2. Try running the game on lowest settings and see if that makes any difference at all. OR checking temps.

Sep 15 2010, 17:12
maybee your monitor check the plug in back

Günter Severloh
Sep 15 2010, 18:18
I think your GPU is overheating, your game is crashing because of it, I had the same issues,
til i installed another fan in my case, and upped the speed on my evga gpu monitor.

I'd get what your getting where i'd playing one min and the next min id get the black screen which
the "no signal" thing has to do with your monitor not getting any feed from the computer.
nothing wrong with your monitor as in problems with it.

I would also get a complete crash to my desktop.

I would get more cooling in your system.
Also open your case up, disconnect the power, and touch a metal surface to destatic your
self and make sure theres no dust anywhere.

Dust acts like an insulator in your system, it will kick up the amount of heat your CPU, and GPU
and anything else is generating, clean out your case at least 1-2 times a year,
more if your computer is located in a cabinet shop:D

What i suggest also doing is getting monitors for your cpu and GPU to monitor the temps.

Lastly for future post be sure to use a descriptive title.

Deen Brinkin
Sep 16 2010, 09:51
Thanks heaps for the advice !!! Now I am making some progress. Updated drivers, that helped a bit. Checked for overheating. BOOYAH!! Graphics card gets quite hot after a while. The fan under the card doesnt even work!! Reckon once I fix that I'll be in business.

A big thank you to Günter Severloh, ganjaish and Dead3yez.

Deen Brinkin.

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Lastly for future post be sure to use a descriptive title.

Wilco. ;)