View Full Version : Crossfire fail [need help]

Sep 15 2010, 07:05
Hi guys
Hi friends am new here and would like to take a course with you.
Well my problem is this, a few days ago, I bought a 850w and Seventeam of two ATI Radeon HD 5850 being one of the Powercolor and Sapphire both a 1 gb 725mhz/1000mhz single well in the game of 60 to 70 fps with this video memory at default and everything on very high in crossfire mode, the option of video memory and texture quality can only be chosen as low or normal, if I disable crossfire I have the option of very high, I wonder if someone who made crossfire is having this problem, I bought the gun 2 by steam Operation arrow head well with crossfire and have no options and 30 to 44 fps =(... well thank you very much ... on stage motherboard supports crossfire x 16x/16x and to running a phenom x4 955 to 3.8 ghz.

And sorry for my English still have to train harder. :bounce3: